Garden Photography

Over the years of experience I’ve had in Garden and Architecture photography, I've had an opportunity to take images of many, many projects for various London based Landscape Contractors, Garden Designers and Architects. These include: The Garden Builders, GA Water Feature, Kate Gould Gardens, Lynne Marcus Garden Design, Andy Sturgeon Garden Design, Declan Buckley Associates, Lab Architects, Cliffton Interiors and others. Gallery Photography Galleries include examples of my best garden and garden lighting images. Some of the images include pictures of Show Garden on various RHS Chelsea Flowers Shows.

Every project is unique in it’s own right and what works for one picture may not work for another so it’s just as important to take the time to familiarise yourself with the space before you start taking any pictures. Seeing the photograph as more than just the subject ensures that you always get the best image of the subject. An important aspect is to plan your visit in a garden at a right time depending on garden orientation and season of the year. Sometimes you need to allow for multiple visits to makes sure you have the base images.

Garden Lights are one of my favourite subjects of garden photography, it is always a bit challenging but also immensely satisfying when you capture a great shot. In modern gardens, garden lighting plays a very important role and is quite often part of every scheme. A good lighting scheme will always transform every garden and it’s always interesting to see the final effect and mood it can create. The most challenging part of garden lighting photography is the short window of good light in a day that allows you to take best images. Twilight is actually is the best time, and you literally have 20-30 minutes of good light otherwise it’s either too bright or too dark.